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Business Conferences

At Bix Plan, LLC We promote the dissemination of knowledge as an indispensable basis for economic empowerment and continuous improvement. We firmly believe that training is the foundation of success in business. As a result, as an integral part of our services, we offer business conferences on various topics, supported by our more than 25 years of business experience. We permanently give lectures inside and outside the United States with an emphasis on Latin American entrepreneurs, seeking to facilitate the success of their businesses.

Conference Directed to Benefits Sinopsis
1 20 Keys to start your own business. People interested in creating their own company. Employees with a desire to start their own business. Diminish the fear to undertake. Know key factors when starting a business and support sources. If you are employed and want to make the leap and become a business owner, or if you have already created a company and want to improve your administration, attend this conference and learn the key success factors for starting and strengthening businesses and the best ways to search for capital.
2 How to make a Successful Business Plan. People who want to depict their business ideas from an integral and professional point of view (written). Know What, How, When and Why to make a Business Plan. If you have a business idea and want to materialize it as a company, drafting a Business Plan will allow you to maximize your chances of success. A reasonable business plan will be fundamental to get financing or capitalist partners. The business Plan allows defining crucial issues such as: marketing channels, pricing, financial evaluation, target customer, and many other things. In this conference you will learn: What it contains, what it is for, and how a Business Plan is used.
3 15 Secrets for effective Networking. People who want to make their business known without investing a lot of money.
Entrepreneurs who do not have enough budget for marketing.
Know effective tools to make your business known quickly using the power of word of mouth. “Networking”, a strong word when it comes to making a business known. For entrepreneurs, making heavy investments in advertising and publicizing their business quickly is almost a dream. Networking, whose most appropriate translation is “making contacts in the business world”, is a facilitating mechanism available to everyone to promote products and services. Learn with us the best networking techniques and how to prepare to attend business meetings.
4 10 Key Planning Factors for Running Business. Entrepreneurs who need to establish business Development Plans and define specific short, medium and long-term issues. Establish goals and action plans with the foundation and projection of business impact. This conference seeks to illustrate the central themes of the management work that allows to project the business in the following five years. High impact elements are addressed seeking that the entrepreneur can concentrate his attention on activities that contribute to the strengthening of his business.
5 How to Fight Stress for Money People who are worried about money and are negatively impacting their lives. Coaching to understand money, empowerment and change of habits to facilitate greater financial income. Money is often a generator of stress for people. Our behaviors and perceptions of money facilitate or make economic fluency complex. In this conference, we will teach you concrete techniques to rethink possible habits and positive thoughts as a fundamental basis to improve our relationship with money.
6 Business Culture in the United States. Entrepreneurs who need to understand how business in the United States works. Understand the business system in the United States. Decreases the possibility of failure. Creating business in the United States is a common goal for many people, so it will be essential to know how the American business system works. Whether you are looking for labor independence or planning to migrate and settle in the United States, a decisive issue will be to understand the business culture in detail. In this conference you will learn cultural habits, business framework, type of advice required, the logical process in business creation, myths, sources of support and much more.