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Business Plans for Banks

If you want to obtain a Bank Loan for the development of your business and your company has less than 2 years of being created, it will be essential to present to the bank a solid Business Plans as an integral part of its application.

Banks require companies with a short trajectory in the market to prepare 5-year financial projections of the company’s operations. In addition, it is crucial to include a complete analysis of markets, arguments on the structure of the company, cash flows and financial indicators that corroborate the future liquidity and the possibilities of success of the company. This type of credit lines are available for Foreign Investors, Residents and American Citizens.

Also, when searching for lines of credit through Institutions such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) or Lift Fund, among others, whose options include credits for Residents and Citizens ranging between $ 100,000 and $ 7,000,000, the heart of the application will be to present A well-structured Business Plans that strongly reflects the strengths of the company, the actual projection of its behavior and the financial capacity to cover the loan.

We are experts in drafting Business Plans with financial emphasis, for new businesses or in full operation, focused on facilitating access to lines of credit with banks. We have developed projects for the construction, remodeling, veterinary, technology, cargo transportation and automotive sectors, among many others. Our vast experience with various industries allows us to conceive Business Plans with great odds of success.