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Business Plans to Find Investors

In the United States, more than 500.000 new companies are created annually; The entrepreneurship rate is one of the highest in the world, 3 out of 4 people want to create their own business.

As the economy of this country is so strong, it has a large number of Potential Investors (Angels) that fulfil a decisive role in the financial leverage of business opportunities, facilitating their creation and growth.

To obtain resources through Investor Partners, it is decisive to have a structured, comprehensive and convincing Business Plans, which illustrates to investors the real options for success of the company and their possibilities of obtaining the return of their money in a Medium and Long term. It will be decisive that your Business Plan defines in detail fundamental aspects such as: Target Market, cost structures, contribution margins, goals and strategies, tax matters, required employees, projections and rates-of-return of the Investment, among many other variables.

At Bix Plan we are experts in drafting Business Plans to find Investor Partners. Our vast experience with various industries allows us to conceive Business Plans with great odds of success.