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Business Plans for Visas

The US Immigration Department (USCIS) requires a detailed and forceful Business Plan in applications for E-2, E-1, L1-A and E-B5 Visas. The Business Plan for Visas must be solid and well documented with five-year financial projections and Market Research of the business or franchise that wants to start or the business that have acquired (If you bought a business in progress).

The Business Plans must be sophisticated and forceful; The Business Plans is not a further requirement of the list, it is the heart of the application and it will have to reflect the positive impact that the new business will mean for the economy of the region where it is to be installed. The Business Plans is the ideal mechanism for an Investor to explain to the Immigration Department authorities their business model and its real scope and impact in the North American economy.

Once the application is approved, the content in the Business Plans will be the minimum task to be performed, being a key decision factor for future renewals of your Visa, by the Immigration Department.

At Bix Plan we are experts in the development of viable and functional Business Plans that facilitate the success of investors in their businesses in the United States and increase the probability of approval of their Investment Visas.

We offer comprehensive advice to our clients, working in close collaboration with different offices: Immigration Attorney, Corporate Attorney, Accountants, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Agents and other professionals, we can relate to facilitate the proper implementation of your business.

We have developed projects for the Food Industry, Restaurants, Software, Hardware, Livestock, Franchises, Oil Industry, Health and Construction Sector, among many others. Our vast experience in various industries allows us to conceive Business Plans with great odds of success.