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The L1-A Visa is designed for executives transferred to the United States within their own company. L1-A Visa holders must have or have had an executive or managerial position in the company of their country of origin for at least one year. This visa allows a company, which currently does not have an office in the United States, to send an executive or manager to lead its new branch in order to potentiate the growth of the new company.

L-1A Visa Requirements

  • The applicant must have worked for the foreign company as an executive, manager or person with specialized knowledge for at least one (1) year for full-time. Please consult your attorney to see if your experience qualifies under this category.
  • The foreign company must be active and other employees must assume the role of the applicant, while the applicant is based in the United States.
  • This visa is normally valid for an initial period of one (1) year and may be renewed for up to three (3) additional periods of 2 years each, for a total maximum of seven (7) years.
  • The advantage of the L-1A Visa is that it is special for managers or non-immigrant executives. The applicant must leave the United States once it expires or change to another appropriate visa. In the case of the L-1A Visa, the manager or executive will have the option of applying to Permanent Residence after its first renewal and that the company in the United States has been active and has been successful for at least one year.